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Call to Duty Designs for CNC

Call to Duty designs for CNC is a collection of 70 military, firefighter, EMS and police silhouette patterns.

The files open in your CNC cutting software or CAD software.

This art package contains 70 patterns
The patterns include A10, Abrams Tanks, Cobra helicopter, Apache helicopters, Huey, Blackhawk helicopter, Seahawk helicopter, Osprey, MLRS, HEMTT, Humvees, soldiers, submarine, destroyer, aricraft carrier, canons, drill sargeant, various military rifles, fighter jets, Corsair, SEAL buggy, Coast Guard boat, Predator Drone, APC's, C-130 cargo planes, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, fallen soldier memorial, firefighters, police, ambulance, firetruck, etc. This disc also includes the star of life and firefighters maltese cross designed to be cut on your CNC table.
All patterns are provided in two formats:
1. DXF files - compatible with CNC software and CAD software. Cut on your CNC plasma, laser or water-jet table
2. Jpg image files (to show your customers)
All patterns included in the CNC art package are shown below.
This disc also includes SignSlapper library files!
If you currently have SignSlapper or will have it in the future, the art files will appear in the SignSlapper art library for immediate insertion in custom signs. Each pattern on the disc has been converted into ready-to-use art for signs.

If you have a PlasmaCAM, you can be cutting these designs in seconds from the time you open them in the PlasmaCAM program. Need help? ask us!

These patterns are currently being cut on PlasmaCAM, Torchmate, Samson, PracticalCNC, DynaTorch, Vicon, Tracker CNC plasma cutting machines along with Omax water-jet and a wide variety of plasma, laser, water-jet, router and vinyl cutting systems. Also loads in Mach2, winCNC and CAD software programs.* If you would like to be sure the files work on your machine click here.

*PlasmaCAM, Torchmate, PracticalCNC, Samson, DynaTorch, Vicon, Tracker CNC, Mach2 and winCNC are trademarks of their respective companies. We are NOT affilliated with any of these companies.


Copyright 2020 RedPup Productions


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