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The CNC sign shown above was created in 1 minute - 48 seconds!
SignSlapper saves the sign as a DXF file that quickly loads into your machine software or CAD program. SignSlapper works great with PlasmaCam software, Design-Edge, Samson, Torchmate CAD, DynaTorch, as well as many other plasma, water-jet and laser cutting tables* (RedPup Productions is not affiliated by any of these companies)
Includes more than 30 specially designed text fonts
for CNC plasma, laser and water-jet cutting tables
Use instant arc text effects to make the sign unique!
Quickly add and swap artwork on your signs
SignSlapper comes standard with over 400 patterns however, additional themes can be added by purchasing any of our CNC art discs. Our art discs include dxf files for your CNC machine as well as SignSlapper ready sign files. Upon installation, our art files from each additional disc are automatically added to your SignSlapper library for your immediate use in the signs.
If you want to view dozens of signs created with all of the art discs click here
Note: If you have purchased any of our art discs in the past, you will receive all new discs replacing your old ones. The new discs include the dxf files that you already have been using, as well as the SignSlapper-ready files. The art files will automatically appear in your SignSlapper library.
Image Importing Tool - Dxf file Importing Tool
SignSlapper has a built-in import tool that allows you to convert image files of clip art, pictures, company logos, etc.
After conversion, the pattern is added to your SignSlapper library.

Image Note: Not all images are suitable for importing and cutting. Dxf import Note: Not all 3rd party dxf artwork is compatible with SignSlapper (although many are). All art discs from RedPup Productions are guaranteed to work with this program.
More features
Includes dozens of handy sign templates. All templates can be edited in seconds and saved as new templates.
The SignSlapper sign-building software comes standard with many of ready-to-cut signs including many common information and warning signs that you can cut with your machine. The program also includes many decorative frame patterns (like Grandma's Kitchen shown above), basic name plates, artistic name plates, address sign templates, blank sign templates, quotes or sayings, bases, etc.
Sign examples - included with SignSlapper
SignSlapper also includes an assortment art patterns like the designs shown on the top side of the signs shown above.
To increase the contents of your art library, you may add any of our art discs at any time.
More sign examples - included with SignSlapper
The signs shown above and below are just a small sample of what the program can do.
SignSlapper has electrical switch and outlet plates, wrench racks, signs and scenes
SignSlapper also includes dozens of customizable clock designs
Other Features

Easy to place holes and slots for sign mounting, adjust the roundness of the sign corners in seconds
Easily change sign height and width
Easily resize, rotate, center, artwork or text - artwork can be flipped
You can adjust the spacing between letters in text as well as the space between words
Clone multiple identical art patterns on a sign
Add multiple different art patterns to a sign side. (Example: Barn, cow, pig and chicken patterns on the same side)
Easily click a button to save signs as an image file to use for website, emailing customers, etc.
CNC friendly Spanish characters are included
Move items by dragging with the mouse, or entering numbers, or turning our UnitBox dial wheels, or clicking the increment buttons.
Set your default sign width, units of measure, colors, etc.
Use the search box to find signs or patterns by name or category.
Organize your signs that you offer in folders that you can name.
Share your designs with other SignSlapper users. Automatic adding art to other computers or users libraries.
Change the sign color on the screen to resemble the painted sign color
Easy sign and art file backup and transfer to other computers

To see a demo video you may search YouTube for SignSlapper CNC plasma
or by clicking here: SignSlapper Video
SignSlapper works in inches(decimals or fractions) or millimeters(mm)
Companies around the world are currently using SignSlapper with the following machines and software

Trumpf Laser

Mach2 - Mach 3
Design Edge
many, many more
*PlasmaCAM, Torchmate, PracticalCNC, DynaTorch, Samson, Trumpf, Vicon, Tracker CNC, Mach2, SolidWorks, AutoCad, CorelDraw, Enroute, SigmaNest, and winCNC are trademarks of their respective companies. We are NOT affilliated with any of these companies.
Show your customers their sign in front-view 3D with the click of a button!

More information, art examples, sample dxf, SignSlapper Instructions are found at
If you would like to test a dxf file created by SignSlapper on your machine try the sample dxf